• Infinite Track Configurations
  • Over 25 Pieces & 12 Feet of Tubes
  • Zoom Up, Zoom Down, Zoom Sideways, and All Around!
  • Hours of Fun For The Whole Family!
  • Comes Apart for Easy Storage
  • RC Race Car Lites & Strobes
Just Connect the Tubes...

Place Zoom Racer in Zoom Tube...

Activate with the Remote !

Totally Tubular Traction - Zoom Tubes includes over 12 feet of racing tubes to create the track of your dreams.
Zoom Tubes connect to one another to create infinite track configurations. Zoom up, zoom down, zoom sideways, and all around!
"Wow...My kids wont stop playing with this toy. They love building different tracks and racing around. Finally something other than video games that my kids will play with!!" - Mandy S.

"Perfect Gift! Got Zoom Tubes for my 6 year-old cousin for his birthday and it was a hit. He immediately wanted to open the box and build his track. Once he did, only about 10 minutes later was he able to turn off the light and watch his creation come alive. Highly recommend getting two or also getting the expansion pack for more fun!" - Adam B.

"We purchased Zoom Tubes after seeing the commercial on TV and the toy is one of the best toys we've purchased in awhile. We've built so many different, amazing tracks, and it's really fun to watch them race in the dark. We will be ordering more for friends and family because it's an incredible gift for the holidays! INCREDIBLE TOY!!!! My boys definitely LOVE ZOOM TUBES!!!!!!! Definitely recommend this to everyone..." - Sean G.